It's quite symbolic that on this day, the Heritage Emergency Response Initiative, created by the National Museum of the Revolution of Dignity and NGO 'Tustan', won the prestigious Award of the Archaeological Institute of America in the nomination 'Outstanding Public Service'.

2022-11-09 13:46

Photo exhibition The War Is Not Over Yet opened in the Odesa City Garden on October 19. The project aims to tell the stories of people who made the world aware of the war waged by Russia against Ukraine – journalists who have been killed, injured, captured or persecuted, came under fire since the start of the full-scale invasion.

2022-10-24 11:58

On this day, 32 years ago, students organized their first Maidan, the Revolution on Granite. Youth protested and went on a hunger strike for 15 days, from October 2nd to October 17th, 1990. This Maidan was the peak of opposition to the Soviet regime. On the granite slabs of the Kyiv center, then the Square of October Revolution, now known as the Independence Square, the students changed the country with their non-violent resistance.

2022-10-02 09:31

Heritage Emergency Response Initiative was created in March as a reactive action to the loss of and threats to Ukraine's cultural heritage. We offer to your attention a report on the activities of this volunteer initiative for the last quarter.

2022-09-03 09:15

The patriotic run is an annual tradition, honoring the memory of fallen defenders. It is dedicated to August 29, the Day of Remembrance of the Defenders of Ukraine who died in the struggle for our independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.

2022-08-24 14:06

Forum topic is “Maidans and the Russian-Ukrainian war in national and global dimensions”. Registration continues until October 28, 2022, inclusive, via the link.

2022-08-09 14:54

The photo exhibition The War Is Not Over Yet opened in the Taras Shevchenko Park in Boyarka town, Kyiv region.

2022-07-20 11:56

Ukraine and international organizations jointly protect and will protect our cultural heritage.

2022-07-19 16:27

This year's theme of International Museum Day is the Power of Museums.

Museum’s strength lies in values, unity, and mutual assistance. And in incredible people who every day, in different parts of Ukraine and the world, make efforts to preserve cultural heritage. It is no coincidence that ruscists keep Ukrainian museums under fire. The occupiers are constantly trying to destroy our historical memory, cultural integrity, and national identity.


2022-05-18 10:15

More than one and a half thousand organizations and citizens of different countries call on the international community to stop the genocide of Ukrainians. The Maidan Museum also signed an appeal calling for decisive measures to stop the extermination of Ukrainians and bring those responsible for the crimes to justice.

2022-05-09 17:53

April 26th is International Chornobyl Disaster Remembrance Day.Today the whole civilized world remembers one of the biggest man-made disasters of mankind.

2022-04-27 14:53

In these trying days, Easter reminds us, that life conquers death, and light conquers darkness. That life, truth, and light always win. And they certainly win where people are fighting for them and ready to give their lives for them.

2022-04-17 15:05

A cultural "special operation" was carried out to conduct museification of the legendary kitchen cabinet and preserve all its contents. Starting today, it will be stored in the funds of the National Museum of the Revolution of Dignity. A decorative ceramic rooster, which survived the explosion of the ruscist aerial bomb, is also a part of the fund now.

2022-04-16 19:17

The Heritage Emergency Response Initiative was created at the beginning of March. Here is a report on the first month of its operation.

2022-04-14 15:41

True friends show themselves in times of difficulty. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, visited Kyiv today. He is one of the most adamant and consistent politicians supporting Ukraine in the war against wild russian orcs. With President Zelenskyi, he walked through the Independence Square, up the Heavenly Hundred Heroes Alley, where they honored the Heavenly Hundred at the memorial site near the cross.

2022-04-10 19:43

A month of strength, struggle, repulse, and heroic defense! A month of russia’s war against Ukraine. On Thursday, February 24th, russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Since then, invaders weren’t able to take any large city. Kherson, attacked by enemy troops, is steadily fighting.

2022-03-24 10:30

The Heritage Emergency Response Initiative (HERI) is an initiative of Ukrainian museum experts that has been set up in response to Russia's aggression and encroachment on Ukraine's national and cultural identity.

2022-03-08 11:36

Museum workers in neighbouring countries are mobilising to help colleagues in Ukraine amid fears that cultural institutions and their workers will be at particular risk from the Russian invasion.

2022-03-03 22:25


You can become a part of global resistance. You can help defend Ukraine even if you are hundreds and thousands of kilometers away! Donations are not the only way to help!

2022-03-01 09:34

For the eighth year in a row, a war has been waged by Russia on Ukraine that began with the occupation of Crimea and parts of Eastern Ukraine.

2022-02-28 16:25