Architectural project of the Museum

The new museum building on the top of the hill symbolizes the turning point in the storming of this territory on February 20th, 2014, and continues this theme with the concept of “a building inside of which one can continue walking”. The memorial path will thereby be continued.  Ramps of various width will be placed on the walls to symbolize ascending the hill.  At the same time, they will lead to the Museum building from the Independence Square. The ascending paths from both sides lead to the terrace that opens up to a magnificent view of Maidan, city center, Dnipro River and green heels in the east. The path continues inside the building. While passing through different exhibition halls, the visitors will go downward, the street level. Here they will have a chance to walk in the memorial garden. The Memorial and the Museum are interconnected. The visitors will be invited to rethink their individual dignity in connection with the future of the country, and commemorate the Heroes who perished. 

The facades will be divided into the massive plinth and the pavilion. The pavilion will be decorated with the graceful columns, located along its perimeter. The families of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes would have created memorials in circular brick niches in a low wall along the alley. The concept of the façade for the plinth continues the theme of People’s Memorial with flowers and photo portraits in circular niches, as well as develops it further thanks to its structure and a gradual transition from a narrow space to a rhythm created by the columns in the upper part of the pavilion.  

“STORMING THE HILL” is the name of the project. Its architectural resolution is unconventional: zigzag-like ascending path that starts at the Heavenly Hundred Heroes Memorial and continues to the top of the hill, where the Museum is.  This ascending path encompasses the building from the outside and becomes the part of its walls. 

TWO ENTRANCES/ROUTES. There will be two different routes for the visitors of the different zones of the building. The entrance from the lower foyer leads to the Freedom House, Children’s Museum and temporary exhibitions. The main collection will start on the upper floor with three ways to access it: from the outside ramp encompassing the building, by the escalator, or by the elevator from the lower foyer.  The way through the permanent exhibition leads from the upper part down, along the passages that connect exhibition halls on different floors and surround the atrium.  

FREEDOM HOUSE is going to occupy the majority of the left wing. It is an autonomous part of the Museum with separate entrance and elevators. There is an open space for meetings and events, classrooms, art workshops, training rooms, recording studio, comfortable working space for the researches, working with Maidan Museum archives.  Freedom House is conceptually located near the Children’s Museum to optimize the space for educational programs for schoolchildren. 

VIEWING POINT/UPPER FOYER. The entrance to the main exposition is located here, as well as a space for events and temporary exhibitions. This location provides an impressive view of Khreshchatyk Street, Independence Square and nearby streets, and is perfect for starting a story about Maidan. It is a good place for a small café, souvenir shop and rest area. 

“YOLKA”, or a Christmas tree. If this structure is placed on the lower floors of the building, its peak of about 5m high will reach   the top of the building. Only from this viewing point “yolka” can be seen in its full size. 

ATRIUM is an open space, a kind of a patio at the center of the building, with the gallery floors around it. Galleries lead to the exhibition areas. With the help of the partitions, they can be rearranged and will form additional spaces for the permanent or temporary exhibitions. This will also help to maximize the daylight in the exhibition space. 

MUSEUM COLLECTION STORAGE is Sancta sanctorum of every Museum. The premises with limited access will be equipped according with all the requirements for the preservation of the items. The Research Center premises will be located on the same floor, so that to ensure comfort of the researchers working with the collection. 

CHILDREN’S MUSEUM is a separate exhibition for the children of school age. Here they will be told about important and complicated things in a simple and entertaining way. Together with part of the premises of the Freedom House, this location with be a shared educational space, where children are going to be taught about democracy, critical thinking, patriotism, and awareness about human rights. 

UNDERGROUND LEVELS. Except for the technical premises and the Museum storage, the first underground level will feature a Research Center rooms and a large lecture hall. An open space in the middle of this level – an amphitheater, will be accessible via the steps leading to it from the lower foyer. It will be a comfortable place for meetings, resting, or conducting small events and ceremonies. 

MOVIE AND CONCERT HALL, LECTURE HALL. The hall capacity is 500–600 seats. It will be equipped for conferences, lectures, screenings and concerts.

PARKING WITH A CAPACITY OF  50 LOTS. The parking is designated for employees, visitors and tour buses. There is direct access from the parking to the foyer. Also, the trucks can get in here as well.  The freight elevator can be placed here as well. 

Total usable area of the building – 24,587 square meters, including:
•    Entrance and foyer – 16,9 %
•    Exhibition halls – 31,1%
•    Lecture hall – 5 %
•    Freedom House – 10,5 %
•    Research Center – 2,5 %
•    Storages and workshops – 5,5 %
•    Administration – 3,5 %
•    Technical block – 8,1 %
•    Visitors’ circulation areas – 10,1 %
•    Parking – 6,8 %