The tenth anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity: Presentation of the commemorative events

The Day of Dignity and Freedom is celebrated annually on November 21st. The Maidan Museum and partners presented a program of commemorative events, this year's slogan, and announced a dedicated social campaign.

This year, Ukraine will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity. On November 21, 2013, several hundred people came to Kyiv's Independence Square to protest against the government's decision which threatened Ukraine's sovereignty and undermined its European future. 

'The Revolution of Dignity was a turning point and a crucial event in modern Ukrainian history. This was once again confirmed by 2023's social survey - over 52% of Ukrainian society think that Maidan dramatically changed the history of our country. Ten years ago, we proved that Ukrainian society is capable of defending its dignity and choices. The Maidan established Ukraine as a European state and Ukrainians as a European nation,' said Volodymyr Tylishchak, Deputy Head of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance. 

The Euromaidan was an impetus for the state and, simultaneously, an indicator of changes in society, shares Rostyslav Karandieiev, acting Minister of Culture and Information Policy.
'The desire to join the EU is not the desire of the state, it's the will of society, its active part, which understands what are the European values, and how important they are for Ukraine and its further development,' noted Mr. Karandieiev

The new project, Territory of Dignity in AR: Museification of Maidan Monuments, implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, allows the participants of the Maidan to recall their days of protest, and everyone else to learn more about the largest protest in Modern Ukrainian history. With the help of ten stands, which have already been installed in the city, people can view the barricades, elements of the Tent City, and Yolka, in AR.

'This year's anniversary is special. First of all, ten years is a fairly solid historical distance, which allows us to more effectively process what happened to Ukraine, each of us, and the world in general after the fateful events of the Revolution of Dignity. We also understand that the Maidan and the Russian-Ukrainian war are a single process, a continuation of Ukraine's struggle for its values, historical memory, cultural identity, and future. We try to make this year's commemorative events as practical and enlightening as possible so that we can continue the reflection on the importance of the Revolution of Dignity and its consequences,' said Ihor Poshyvailo, Director General of the National Museum of the Revolution of Dignity.

Maidan Museum encourages people to celebrate the Day of Dignity and Freedom under the slogan 'Charged with dignity and desire for freedom!'. Social media users can join the #To_Be_Worthy (#Бути_Гідним) flash mob by tying the Euromaidan ribbon with the flags of Ukraine and the EU and sharing photos, memories and reflections about Euromaidan.

The tenth anniversary is not just about November 21 or February 20.
'Throughout the 94 days, many commemorative and educational events will take place on the Territory of Dignity, in the center of Kyiv. In particular, tours by the Maidan Museum, presentations of books, and educational events,' announced Mr. Poshyvailo.

View the streaming of the presentation in English below.