The updated exhibition 'Towards Freedom' is now open in the Exhibition and Information Center of the Maidan Museum

In the House of Trade Unions, where the Information and Exhibition Center is located, visitors can see a few dozen authentic belongings from the Maidan protesters, pictures, and videos of the protests.

After the beginning of a full-scale war, exhibits were evacuated, and the Information and Exhibition Center worked on a limited schedule.

However, the Maidan Museum renewed the exhibition and added new objects. Visitors are welcome to see the helmet of Roman Ratushniy, who died in the Russian-Ukrainian war in the Kharkiv region; the armor of self-defense units, which was destroyed on February 18, 2014; the helmet of a videographer from the "Channel 5" Serhii Klymenko; and objects illustrating the revolutionary days of the House of Trade Unions, everyday life and art of Maidan. Visitors also can leave a note on a symbolic Wall of Wailing and Struggle and learn more about this symbol of Revolution.

'Today we are fully absorbed by war. We live in war, pain, and faith in victory. It's very important to have this opportunity to look into the recent past and feel that our struggle stands on the power, success, and bravery of activists and defenders before us. Maidan is our first major victory in the recent struggle with the northern aggressor. Maidan can be viewed as a social, political, and cultural phenomenon. In the renewed space of the Information and Exhibition Center, you can remember that Maidan is a place of victorious struggle; you can learn the history of struggle from Maidan until today, and see exhibits with unique personal stories,' says Anastasia Haidukevych-Kachuro, co-curator of the 'Towards Freedom' exhibition.

Through the multimedia component of the exhibition, visitors can hear memories of the Revolution of Dignity participants and learn what the House of Freedom will look like. Visitors can also learn more about symbols and the history of protests during the curated tours.

'In times when the whole world is trying to understand where we get this gen of resistance, we have a response. Behind every object in our collection, there is a personal story of struggle. A lot of things gifted to us by participants of the Revolution of Dignity, became exhibits because they tell the story of our defenders. A lot of Maidan participants are in Ukrainian Armed Forces and defend our country since the beginning of this war. Remembering our history of struggle in revolutions and war will be the key to Ukraine's successful development,' shares Viktoriia Boiko, guide of the Maidan Museum.

In winter, the Information and Exhibition Center (Kyiv, Independence Square, 18/2) works 10 am - 6 pm every day, except Sunday and Monday.

Free curated tours for the 'Towards Freedom' exhibition are available every Tuesday and Thursday at 11 am and 4 pm.

For more details or to book a tour, please call +38 096 28 42 807