National Memorial to the Havenly Hundred Heroes

The entire territory of the Museum is the place where the Revolution of Dignity reached its peak. The Heavenly Hundred Memorial will be erected here as a focal point of glory and memory about each and every one of the Heroes. 

Кадр із графічної презентації проєкту Національного меморіалу Героїв Небесної СотніThe central element of this memorial complex is a zigzag-shaped path going up the former Instytutska Street. It symbolizes the difficult struggle of Ukrainians for freedom. A memorial stela in the shape of an arch penetrating the hill is located at the beginning of this path, from the side of the Independence Square and Khreshchatyk Street. Stone slabs with the names of each of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes overlap between themselves and create a solid wall. Part of the way to the stela and the area near it is paved with the original cobblestones: there will be light squares among them marking the continuation of the path.  

The bridge above the Heavenly Hundred Heroes Alley represents a nominal border marking the new area of the memorial alley and the park area.  Creation of the alley with the linden trees planted along it, emphasizes the atmosphere of the Memorial, as well as the nature of the path itself, since one hundred trees symbolize the Heavenly Hundred. The alley brunches off in its farthest point, marking a special space for silence – a wooden chapel is located there.  

Symbolically, the path is going to end with the garden, a rest area between the future Revolution of Dignity Museum and the International Center of Culture and Arts. Not too steep slopes, planted with white flowers, will surround the pedestrian paths filled with the benches to rest on. 

The memorial design has been discussed with the general public, experts and families of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes. A number of comments and suggestions had been given during the discussion, and were later incorporated by the architects during the follow-up revision of the project.  They included the preservation of immobile artefacts and turning them into museum items, preservation of the mobile artefacts, marking the places of deaths and barricades, and inclusivity.  

•    preservation of immobile artefacts and turning them into museum items;
•    preservation of mobile artefacts;
•    marking the places of deaths and barricades;
•    inclusivity.
Стела героїв – центральне місце меморіального комплексу. На таблицях стели будуть написані імена Героїв Небесної Сотні. За задумом авторів, стела є образом протестувальників, що стоять пліч-о-пліч зі щитами.