On May 18 we celebrate the International Museum Day

Museum’s strength lies in values, unity, and mutual assistance. And in incredible people who every day, in different parts of Ukraine and the world, make efforts to preserve cultural heritage. It is no coincidence that ruscists keep Ukrainian museums under fire. The occupiers are constantly trying to destroy our historical memory, cultural integrity, and national identity.

The invaders are destroying our monuments, looting our collections, and taking away our treasures. Museum institutions carry the strength of our nation. Dedicated people, soldiers of the cultural front, are protecting it, strongly resisting the aggressor. And despite most Ukrainian museums being empty due to the Russian attack, dedicated museum workers are actively replenishing their collections with priceless exhibits created not from gold, made not by a world-renowned artist.

History carries on, as does the memory of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the crimes of the occupiers, the courage of our soldiers, and the resilience of the citizens. This year, we are especially proud to be Ukrainian museum workers, preserving and sharing with people the ideas of the Revolution of Dignity, Freedom, and our Heroes. We are grateful to our colleagues from different parts of the world and various organizations for their support and help with the Heritage Emergency Response Initiative. HERI, co-founded by the team of the Maidan Museum, is working on preserving Ukrainian and world heritage.

In unity, there is strength!