Heritage Emergency Response Initiative Report for the first month of operation

The Heritage Emergency Response Initiative was created at the beginning of March. Here is a report on the first month of its operation.

The main emotion marking this time is anxiety. But also gratitude and admiration. We admire people, who, despite finding themselves in personal danger and hardship, still cared about preserving the heritage and the collections entrusted to them. We are grateful to those people who spared neither time nor resources to do as much as possible to save our national heritage. We feel great respect for those attentive and ready to respond to every need of donors; to those tireless volunteer initiatives and organizations with which we cooperate.

The purpose of HERI is to preserve the Ukrainian cultural heritage during the war and prepare to restore and reconstruct it.

HERI aims to create a system, network, and emergency response infrastructure; save cultural heritage while minimizing losses; prepare for the restoration and return of cultural heritage.

Assistance to museums

78 museums, archives, and owners of private collections provided information directly or via questionnaires. Of these, 45 museums asked for protective and packaging materials, equipment, humanitarian needs;

At their request, 8 museums were provided with free cloud storage for digital preservation, and consulting support;

HERI assisted with the evacuation of 7 collections;

12 museums received material help;

As of the end of March, HERI established contact with museums in 19 regions.



Thank you! We will continue working! We believe in our victory!