Ukrainian diaspora! Ukrainians abroad!


You can become a part of global resistance. You can help defend Ukraine even if you are hundreds and thousands of kilometers away! Donations are not the only way to help!

Here are some options how you can help defend Ukraine now:

- spread information from Ukrainian official sources about the consequences of the Russian invasion. Please use hashtags! Here is the list of sources where you can get information:

- do you know someone from Russia? Do you talk to them online? Tell them about thousands of killed Russian soldiers, send photos and call on them to protest against the war and the Putin regime! You can join the IT-army here: 

- go to mass protests in your cities, supporting the official appeals of Ukraine;

- appeal to the authorities of the country where you live and demand support for Ukraine;

- you can help refugees to find shelter on this website: or contact;

- you can return to Ukraine and join the International Legion of Territorial Defense;

- boycott all Russian goods and services; if you have a business you can sever ties with Russia;

- provide financial support: National Bank has opened a multi-currency special account to raise funds for the needs of the army

Together we will win! Glory to Ukraine!