6 years ago, the Maidan Museum became a state institution

On January 20, 2016, the Ministry of Justice registered a new institution — Memorial Complex to the Heavenly Hundred Heroes — Museum of the Revolution of Dignity. The Maidan Team, which has been working on the creation of the Maidan museum since 2013, has continued to work in its new, now official, status.

Today we are 6 years old! Let's recall some of our achievements of the last year: 

yes - In 2021, we had over 400 thousand visitors in our offline events and online resources. Our visitors came from 34 countries. We organized 28 exhibitions and 202 events. We recorded 120 new interviews on the topic of the Revolution of Dignity with historians and eyewitnesses.

yes - In the past 12 months, our funds received 731 objects, and our collection "MAIDAN IN BOOKS" — 141 new editions. We digitized 1250 units from the museum funds.

yes - We added 5060 historical pictures and 3205 other documents to our e-archive;

yes - This year, we also initiated the creation of the Ukrainian Coalition of Remembrance, which now includes ten organizations.

heart - We are working for you. We invite you to visit our locations:

• Gallery of Protest Art

• Library of the Maidan Museum

• Information and Exhibition center of the Maidan Museum

And now about our big, long-awaited goal.

yesyesyes In 2021, after procedural delays (which we had no control over), we signed an agreement on the free transfer of copyright to the Design project for the Maidan Museum with the winners of the International Competition, which ended in 2018. After that, the tender documentation was developed, and the General designer was determined at the open bidding. Now you can see the progress in geological and geodetic work across the upper exit from the "Khreshchatyk" metro station.

Winner of the Open International Competition for the Best Design for the Maidan Museum (2017-2018).  Winners of the 1st prize: German architectural bureau “ Kleihues + Kleihues Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH”. Architects: Prof. Jan Kleihues,  Johannes Kressner  In the note, the authors explained their project "Storming the Hill", "The building of the Museum on top of the hill symbolizes the crucial moment of the storming that happened on February 20. We continue this leitmotif in the concept of "a building that can be walked." This way, the memorial path will be consistently continued. Around the walls will be ramps of different widths, symbolizing the climb up the hill. From two sides, ramps lead from the Independence Square up to the Museum building and then to the terrace, which offers a magnificent view of Khreshchatyk, the city center, Dnipro, and the green hills to the east. Then the path goes through the building. Passing through the various exhibition spaces, visitors will return to the street level"