Wishings a Peaceful, Prosperous and Joyful 2022!


Ukraine celebrated Christmas and New Year holidays of 2014 with a grand social shift because of ongoing Euromaidan Revolution. Contemporaries will later describe these events with unparalleled poetry and inspiration.

Euromaidan will be inscribed in world history. It gave the Ukrainian nation a sense of unity and faith in victory in the battle for human rights, freedom and independence. Nativity scenes and Christmas story seem to be not only the ancient past. But the ongoing struggle for truth and dignity. In this struggle, we still can see all the vicissitudes and characters specific to the epoch-making battles, including Herod with his warriors and servants.

The history of Christmas displays the inevitable victory of those who fight for the Good. We must not forget how much we have overcome.

Let’s take care of each other because our unity is our strength! We wish you peaceful, happy and prosperous 2022!